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(Turn up the sound)

First Things First,

Have you ever wondered why some videos convert better than others?

Οr how you can improve your videos to sound and look more professional?

Or even better you want to start with video but feeling overwhelmed on how to get started and make a look worthy production.?

Now you’re probably wondering what does all this have to do with my business and making money right?

The answer is simple. A better looking production and better sound will increase your views and conversions which means you get more sales!

Now I'm going to explain exactly what I’m talking about so please stick around with me few minutes .

Hi there…

My name is Athanasios "Attan" Hatzikirkou and for almost 2 decades, I have produced over 20k radio commercials, and the last few years I, also,  got in video production as well. I learned few things about about audio and video.

Now first off, I am not going to bore you with how important video is these days, you already know that don’t you?

i mean you know that...

  • YouTube has over a billion users, almost one-third of the total internet users.
  • 55% Of All People Watch Videos Online Every Single Day
  • 92% of mobile video users share content with others
  • 500 million people watch Facebook videos daily
  • 87% of online marketers use video content.
  • 76% of marketers plan to add video to their site making it a higher priority than Facebook and Twitter
  • 55% of people watch videos online every day
  • 88% agree that using video in education increases achievements

So if you haven’t started creating videos yet, now is the time.

I could go on here ... but another big question that’s interesting is ...

How important is the sound in the video you make?

I fired up my browser and typed in the question…

The importance of sound in a video production

And this are the top 3 results that showed up

1.) ..can elevate your video dramatically

2.) ..certainly just as important as good quality footage..

3. Poor sound can ruin an otherwise spectacular production...

So now that you understand how important the sound in your video is I hope that you realize that a good and professional production with good and powerful audio will skyrocket your conversions which means...

  • More Views
  • more clicks
  • and of course more sales

Sure you can always outsource everything with video,  but when you want to start cranking out videos fast daily, it will end up costing you a lot of money which can easily empty your wallet

Or how about all the the so called automated software that is out there, that gives you ready made videos, with a push of a button.

You know those that are always limited in features and never do what we really want them to do right?

For most of us that are doing videos almost daily, we want to save ourselves time and get the best results as fast as possible, without having it cost a fortune. Even more important we want to create professional videos that draw the attention , engages, entertain, and maximizes the conversions!

Did you know that ..62% of consumers are more likely to have a negative perception of  a poor quality video?

If you’re like most of the people out there you probably recording your video , you put a small effort in the production , the sound is not perfect maybe there is some background noise , and you’re always in a hurry to upload that video to have it live.

And then all of sudden when the video is live ,you get disappointed with the results you get and you start to wondering what’s wrong.

  • What if you could make your life a lot easier and have someone to show you how you can make a professional video and improve your audio  in you videos in literally minutes.
  • Creating videos that you can turn into traffic and sales machines?
  • Making Youtube videos with all the ingredients  for a massive impression?

Did you know that with a simple tweak in your videos in less than a minute minute it  can help you 2x, 3x or even 10x your conversions ? And you know what that means right ?  More sales and more money in your pocket.

The real problem is that in most of the courses that teaches audio and video production out there just show you the benefits of what the software and everything in it does, and leaving you with no clue on how to actually make that video

We all know few simple basics from these softwares.

So when you fire up that software and want to make a good production ,  you’re start staring at your screen with a big question mark and just wondering what to do as a next step to continue.

Then when you start you get stuck on something you want to do on a simple 2 second clip there…

...and all of sudden you’re starting to go through countless hours with tutorials to learn how to add that  feature you wanted in that 2 second clip there.

Wouldn't it be better to just follow along in step by step watch over my shoulder style videos to see someone that creates a real world production with real results?

I mean why spend countless of hours being frustrated on how to get started, when you can just follow someone in a real world production that is up and running and get results and become a master in audio and video production in no time

I’ve been there, and in the beginning it took me a lot of time before I could get around what to do with these programs and all the material I had there.

Back then I wish I had someone that showed me how to do a real world production that looks and sounds great, without spending days on how to learn everything about the software.

How to  actually make a professional production fast with results that converts into more traffic, more views clicks, engagement, and of course more money!

As you can see, there are no promises of clicking a button and having a professional production within seconds and getting rich overnight, but this course will put money in your pocket DAILY if you start to produce video like a pro.. even if you have zero experience, and no “tech” skills,

All you need is the step-by-step training I’ve put together, and you can start creating professional audio and video on a daily basis.. At the speed of the light!


When I created this course I had the end user in mind , that means you of course, on how to get the best results  as fast as possible with your audio and video productions.

How to skyrocket your views, clicks and conversions on your videos.

So what I did was I created step by step tutorials on real world productions that I made, uploaded and they're running live on Youtube.

I walk you through everything from start to the end.

Without leaving you with no clue or question marks

And I think this is much better and faster way to learn how to use the software right?

 Here’s EXACTLY What You’ll Get When You Grab 
Audio Video Mastery Right Now…

10 Over-The-Shoulder Training Videos

This step-by-step video training walks you through everything from getting started to make a complete full blown production.

Inside the 10 training videos, I take you by the hand and show you every step on how to produce your own professional  audio and video that will skyrocket your views, conversions and boost your sales.

No stone left unturned, and you get everything you need to start make productions like a pro..

Inside Audio Video Mastery,  
You’ll Discover… 

  • How to get started with Audio Video Mastery today, even if you’re a total newbie and have no skills, and no experience right now.
  • How to 10X your sound in your video productions..Totally FREE!
  • The simple steps to take royalty free photos and video footage and make a complete ready made production. I’ll show you EXACTLY how to do everything the right way,
  • How to create a Youtube video with intro, outro, animations, sound fx and even engagement tips.
  • How to create a solid tutorial video within minutes . I'll show you everything from getting started to a ready made production.
  • The simple process to make ready made animation templates. The power of having those right setup to save your self countless hours.
  • The little-known trick to make a Video Sales Letter the fastest way.
  • Plus, a whole lot more...

This is the most in-depth, step-by-step training you’ve ever seen on starting a REAL online business that will actually make you money…

But don’t just take my word for it…

Look What REAL People Have To Say About
Audio Video Mastery…

Torsten Müller -

David Barnes -

Jason Thompson -


I just went through Attan's "Audio Video Mastery" course and I have to say that it's actually amazing. If you are a product launcher or a audio and video creator "Audio Video Mastery" is definitely for you!
It will help your audio and videos sound and look professional and eye catching! 

Edwin Mik


Over the last 20 years, Attan has created over 20,000 radio and video commercials so he knows a thing or two about audio and video production!

Now, out of the blue, he is offering his knowledge in this step-by-step “How to” audio/video course “Audio/Video Mastery”

This is training straight from a professional via a 10 module video course which offers exceptional value. Attan teaches everything required to enhance your audio and video productions and take them to a level where they will stand out from the crowd.

For instance, I haven't seen such detailed lessons about audio enhancement included in any of the courses I've seen previously. This alone makes it worth grabbing “Audio/Video Mastery” in my opinion.

The course consists of a range of 10 video tutorial modules covering every topic in detail. You just follow along as Attan demonstrates each technique with over-theshoulder instructions.

Modules include, “how to make your video sound like a pro”, “how to produce the perfect tutorial video”, “how to create ready made animation templates” and a whole lot more. For me, the standout feature of “Audio/Video Mastery” is it's exceptional value for money and I would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone.

Well done Attan, you have produced a course to be proud of!

Paul Carr


Attan's 'Audio Video Mastery' course taught me in minutes what I have failed to learn how to do well over many years of making great audio and video productions. It's simple to follow and I have learned new skills that I now use habitually in all my video production.



I have taken Attan's training and, in my opinion, his training is incredible. If you are thinking about producing videos, this is a must and, if you already create videos, you still need this training if you want to make your videos stand out! 

Pat Selby

Get Your Hands On Audio Video Mastery TODAY, And Start Making video like a "Pro" THIS Week…

I initially considered making this training for a private group coaching program, limit access, and charge $497 (or more) for access.  

Although I may still do that, I decided that the people that could really use this training the most, may not be able to make that kind of investment today.  

That’s why I’ve decided to slash the price for a limited time…  

You can get your hands on all of the Audio Video Mastery training today for just…

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 When You Get Audio Video Mastery Today, You’ll Get These  Bonuses For FREE…

Fast Action Bonus No 1

Free Live Training Webinar

Inside this bonus training, I’ll reveal tips and tricks and productivity hacks to get you up and running quickly.
This is great if you’re looking for even more tips or just starting out.

Real World Value - $197

Fast Action Bonus No 2

My Private Black Book

Over the years, I’ve made some great relationships and collected the best sources to get audio video footage, sound fx and a lot more.

I’ve spent thousands of dollars and countless hours to create a black book of the “best of the best” out there.

I’m giving you this today for FREE when you get the Audio Video Mastery training.

Real World Value - $97

Fast Action Bonus No 3

My Private Black Book

Cheat &Check lists

This Cheat & checklists makes it easy to stay focused and make sure you’re on track to get big results with this training.

There is checklists for 

  • Killer converting Review videos
  • Powerful Youtube videos
  • Make it sound like a pro

Real World Value - $47

And it gets better…  

I’m so confident that THIS will finally be the training course that will help you create proffessional videos with results and puts money in your pocket…

You Get 30-Days To Test-Drive Audio Video Mastery Pro With NO RISK…

I don’t want anything to hold you back. 

If you’re like me, you’ve probably been burned before…

...and it’s a lousy feeling.

There’s nothing worse than buying a training course, getting excited about all the money you’re going to make, and then you end wasting time, money, and never making anywhere near what was promised.

You’ve probably noticed there’s no hype here.

I’m not promising that you’ll get rich overnight with the click of your mouse.

That’s not real life.

It doesn’t work that way…

BUT, when you follow what’s inside Audio Video Mastery, you WILL create audio and video like a "Pro".

And it’s so simple  that anyone can use this  to quickly create audio and video with results

Which is why I’m going to put my money where my mouth is and let you put it to the test with no risk for the next 30 days…

  • Get your hands on Audio Video Mastery today at a big discount…
  • Follow the training to get setup quickly and get traffic flowing
  • Make some video's that looks and sounds ... 
  • And THEN decide if this is for you

If for ANY reason you’re not 100% satisfied, just send me an email, and I’ll get you a refund.  

I’m willing to stick my neck out there and take on all of the risk because I know this training WILL make you money when you follow it…  

It’s worked for me and anyone else that uses it…

 Let’s Recap Everything You Get Today
With Audio Video Mastery…

Over-The-Shoulder Video Training - Real World Value = $497 

Bonus #1 - Live Training Webinar- Real World Value  = $197 

Bonus #2 - My Private Black Book - Real World Value = $97  

Bonus #3 -  Cheat & Check Lists - Real World Value = $77 


Total Real World Value Of Everything = $868

 Get It ALL Today  
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I know this is going to finally give you the step-by-step training you need to make good quality professional audio and video… fast,that will convert into money.

And  you can put your time and money to better use.

I can’t wait to see you inside!

To your success!

Athanasios"Attan" Hatzikirkou

P.S. - Below are the most frequently asked questions about Audio Video Mastery…

 Frequently Asked Questions

What is Audio Video Mastery all about? 

It’s a full blown course on how to create audio and video like a "Pro" fast and easy that converts with results.

Is this newbie-friendly?

Yes. This is the most newbie-friendly course I know, and I break everything down to make it easy for you to quickly get results and start making good productions. You don’t need to bring any experience or skills to the table.

Why should i really get the Audio Video Mastery?

This is the next best thing to having me show you exactly how to get the best results in a production. It is  from over 18 years experience  and over 20.000 commercials in productions, and you can get your hands on this  today at a big discount..

How much time do I need each day to do this?

That’s the beauty of this. You don’t have to slave away at your laptop until all hours of the night to make a professonial production. If you’ve got 30 minutes to an hour each day, you can easily get some  good productions per day and scale up from there quickly.


Is there a guarantee of any kind?

Yes. You get a full 30 days to make sure this is for you. If for ANY reason, you’re not 100% satisfied, just let me know, and I’ll get you a refund.

What makes this different than other courses?

Unlike other audio and video production courses, this is a hype-FREE plan for getting results quickly. I'll teach in real live and uploaded examples instead of showing the features in what the software does. If you’re looking for an “easy button” to making a professional production, this is NOT for you.

But, if you’re looking for a REAL solid plan to create audio and video like a " Pro" with results, you need this.

Will this work with any software?

While i show you mainly everything  in Camtasia which i highly recommend to use, the principles and techniques are exactly the same no matter what software you are using as long as you have the multi tracking features. eg. Screenflow, Premiere, Final cut etc..

How long does it take to get setup?

You can be up-and-running TODAY when you follow the training inside.

How much is this?

Although this is easily worth $497 (or more), you won’t invest anywhere near that today.

teach you how to make $100+ per day while you build your list at the same. Over time, your income will grow without any addition investment of time each day. That’s the power of list-building the way that I teach it!

How do I get my hands on this right now?

 Click The Button Below Now For NO Risk Access To
Audio Video Mastery…

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